Rethinking Material Culture From The Americas III

"Women Designers of the 20th Century, Shaping National Artistic Identities in Latin America"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 5:30-8pm

Defying social conventions and exploring disciplines traditionally performed by men such as design and studio craft, women designers played a fundamental role in spreading the ideas of Modern avant-garde art in Latin America. Through their writings, professional practice, and by educating the next generations of designers, women actively contributed to define what is today’s Latin American design. This seminar will explore the life and work of some of these designers such as Elena Izcue, a Peruvian educator and textile designer who found in Peruvian pre-Columbian traditions a source of inspiration for designing children’s art textbooks and fashionable modern textiles; Clara Porset, a Cuban-Mexican designer whose furniture became iconic in Mexican mid-century modern interiors; and the Brazilians Lina Bo Bardi, Carmem Portinho and Gilda de Mello e Souza, whose pioneering ideas and work shaped Brazilian modern design and design education.

Dr. Natalia Majluf, Director, Museo de Arte de Lima, "Elena Izcue: Pre-Columbian Design in Modern Life"

Ana Elena Mallet, Independent Writer and Curator, "Clara Porset: Inventing Modern Design in Mexico”

Dr. Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos, Associate Professor of Design, School of Architecture and Urbanism, University of São Paolo, "Women and Brazilian Modern Design”
Prof. Pat Kirkham, Bard Graduate Center, (comment)

Report on the Seminar

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